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Hello?My Family Swimming Trip

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What shall we do in this hot summer? Go swimming with families. It will be cool in hot summer.

Before depart?All families ?father?mother?sister?and little baby?need to prepare for this trip. For Example?father’s wallet, camera, surfboard?swimming trunks; Mom’s swimming suit , sunscreen, garland?comb?Sister’s swimming suit, swim ring?goggles, little bucket?shovel?Little baby’s swimming suit, her favorite little duck toys. Finish packing luggages, we can start our family swimming trip.

There is surrounding with rubbish on the beach. Come on, environment protectors, let us collect them. Hey?don’t forget garbage classification?When you finish it, there are so many surprises in the sand for you. Detect instruction is helpful for you. What treasures? Try it. Then reward yourselves with ice creams or juice. Finish cool drink?it’s time to swim and fully enjoy this journey.

Come on, join us!

Key features:
1.All kinds of daily necessities. Children can get better memories of everyday items.
2. Garbage classification. Develop children’s environment consciousness and good habit of garbage classification.
3. Easy and funny. Children will learn more common sense of life when they play this game.
4. The scene is dramatic and vivid.
5. This is a free imitation game. Welcome to purchase more game props which can make our children learn more when they play devotedly that will be more fantastic.
6. There is a beautiful swimming pool in this game.

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