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Welcome to Mermaid Kingdom where living so many beautiful mermaids.
So many beautiful mermaids!! Discover enchanting mermaids and explore their stunning – and previously secret - underwater realm. From the makers of the chart-topping game fish with Attitude comes mermaid World by crowdstar! Enter a hidden ocean oasis filled with lovely and diverse mermaids beyond your imagination.
The mermaid family have already have a cute mermaid baby, and now the mermaid mommy is pregnant again. So she needs your help to care her first and her life.
If you enter the mermaid’s house, you will found that her house is mix with baby’s toys. The mermaid mommy want to pack them in different boxes, pick them out and put them in box is your responsibility.
The nutrition is important during pregnancy, and fresh juice is a must. make fresh juice for mermaid mommy and her cute babies.
It’s tired when care a baby, the mermaid mommy want to make a spa. Adding some flowers will more fragrant when make spa. come here and help mommy~~
It’s a family game suited for kids (boy and girl) and grownups. You’re never too old to enjoy MERMAID’S WORLD.

Key Features:
1. Discover a treasure trove of fantastic and unique MERMAIDS
2. Help mermaid care her first, welcome her second baby.
3. Choose fruits to make juice for baby and mommy
4. Collect baby’s toys into correct boxes
5. Several sorts of items to add for mommy SPA

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