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There will be a party nearby the ocean beach, each time we have a party, we meet beautiful girls there. Our celebrity mommy is also invited and she is preparing before she goes to the party. Now you have the chance to be a good advicer for mommy. She wants to be more impressive for this party, so it will be a delicate task and you have to take time on it.

Maybe you are an expert to do these:
1.Mommy is injured, which affects her performance in the party. You should erase her sickness, make sure use medical items you have.
2.Do a check up for mommy so that you know her health. Blood pressure, temperature and heartbeat, check if she has a fever.
3.Before she goes to the party, you should peace her baby first, prepare fresh juice for her twins when they are hungry. Don’t let them cry.

Key features
1.Give a treatment to mommy
2.Check up the whole body for mommy
3.Make juice with fresh fruit
4.Learn more skills to care others
5.Cool party and care game for girls

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