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Hello, welcome to this wonderful world, a world full of colors and happiness. Today you will meet a beautiful land that certainly will help you relax and have fun very nice. Perhaps you think what will happen in this game for girls and we will say that today you will meet a beautiful mermaid who has a child and now the beautiful mermaid is pregnant. Beautiful mermaid is very nervous and she needs your help to be able to meet her baby. Do you want to help our friend to know her child? If you want to be our help today then certainly we'll be best friends. You will be entertained at the same time you will be able to practice certain skills. Prove to everyone that you are a child who may be a responsible doctor for several minutes, you need to check-up mermaid’s healthy situation. For example: Check heartbeat, Check if she has fever~~~The period of time when a mommy is pregnant is pregnant is very important, you should keep balanced Nutrition. In there we have prepared different kinds of fruits for the mommy, you can make some fruit juice for her. Before the baby is arriving, mommy want to become more and more beautiful, and also we prepared some decorations for her to choose the best one.

Key Features:
1. Discover the pregnant mommy’s antepartum experience and take care of the baby. like feeding, cleaning and so on.
2. wash the baby’s dirt body and measure weight .
3. A design facing the kids from five to fifteen ages. It owns a simple and interesting operation and multiple choices.
4. Three different topic sceneries.
5. Inspect baby’s heartbeat, mommy’s temperature, and ultrasonic inspection and measurement.
6. A unique pregnant mermaid mommy and newborn care game.

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