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Welcome to Puppy Paradise! You can attract different kinds of puppies as long as you have enough foods and props. There are some kinds of puppies prepared for you, such as: Shiba Inu , Labrador, Husky, Samoyed and so on. The universal notebook can record the characters, fighting capacity and times of puppies. We have prepared photo album where you can place all pictures of puppies. All of the puppies will leave some gifts after they played in there, and when you accumulate enough gifts you can exchange puppy’s props in store. There are many articles that you can exchange, for example: tennis, rubber ball, cushion, coat , can and so on. The more props, the more puppies, hurry up and place more articles to attract cute puppies, and remember that add some dog foods everyday. This is a interesting game about Puppy Paradise where you can enjoy the pleasure play with puppies. Come here and take your backyard carefully, appeal more and more cute puppies.

Key Features:
1, Varieties of puppies supplied for you.
2, Prepared different kinds of dog articles.
3, Learn some puppies’ characters through play the game.
4, Easy and fun game scene.
5, Puppies’ image is clear and vivid.

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If you have any doubt or you need some tech support, please tell us . We will be there for you 24 hours everyday day. E?mail: candyoyo7788@gmail.com

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