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The evil alien monsters invade the earth want to capture a man family to have a experiment. After these aliens went into the house, they destroyed the window, bed, door, sofa, desk, TV, refrigerator,kitchen,and some toys of your child. In order to stop aliens' frenzied actions and protect the man family, you need to fight with the alien. And you are the luckier, you know the weakness of the alien, it’s weakness is his bottom, you can slap their bottom to punish them. This is a fantastic game for kids. Hurry up and catch your weapon(including hands, whip, stick) to beat alien’s bottom, and save the earth.

Key features:
1.Unique gameplay with innovative ideas.
2.Lovely carton style and funny animation.
3.Multiple well-designed level.
4. It is a funny game with vivid scene.
5.The game is simple, fun, entertaining, let the children experience the fun of fighting with alien monsters.
6.Give you the chance to vent your little universe crazily.

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