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Welcome to YOYO Spaghetti Maker.
Everybody knows about and noodles but spaghetti are even more fun!
If you are passionate about food, you will love this pasta cooking game. Become a king of the Italian cuisine by making the most delicious spaghetti ever.
Select the spaghetti type from the recipe menu and start cooking your own pasta meal. The pan is already waiting for you to make your favorite sauce. Mix all the prepared ingredients and cook them slowly until they become soft, creamy and delicious. This way you can make various pasta sauces, such as tomato , meat sauce, cheese sauce or pesto sauce. Then take the spaghetti of your choice and put them in a large pot of boiling salted water. When they are cooked strain them in a colander. Pour your sauce over spaghetti and add your final touch with many additional ingredients and food toppings like herbs, vegetables, sausages, meatballs, cheese and even toys. Also you can make any kind of spaghetti that you like, for example: seafood noodle, fruit noodle, vegetable noodle and pumpkin noodle.
After making your delicious meal, you can take a snapshot of your masterpiece to show it to your family and friends. Come on and join the amazing Spaghetti Maker game.

Key Features:
- beautiful high quality HD graphics
- intuitive, easy to use interface
- Prepared the fresh ingredients for the food
-various selection of pasta types, sauces, ingredients and items like vegetables, spices, toys and many other decorations
-Best cooking game for your child.
-stimulates creativity

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