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Fairy Mommy’s New Baby is a fun-filled pregnant care game.

Hey, babies! I’m so glad you guys find me out in the ocean of millions of games! Who am i? I’m Fairy Mommy’s New Baby!! Believe me, next you guys must have a wonderful and exciting game time!!
Do you like babies? Do you know what does a baby look like when it lives in mom’s uterus? Are you exciting when your mommy having baby? A pregnant mommy is coming!! You need to take good care of her right now, need to take her to the hospital, need to do physical examinations for her, need to feed her pillsIs it exciting?? Wanna try it right away?? If you can help mommy complete above all of these things well, you have a chance to interact with her babies!! You can listen to music with babies, and draw beautiful tattoo on mommy’s belly!! Funny game!! Join me! Join Fairy Mommy’s New Baby! Let’s fun babies’ world!!

Key Features:
- Wear warm clothes for fairy mommy.
- Check body temperature for fairy mommy.
- Check heart rate for her.
- Measure fairy mommy’s belly.
- Check blood pressure.
- Do color doppler ultrasound.
- Measure babies’ body length.
- Check babies’ heart rate.
- Feed fairy mommy pills, sandwiches.
- Listen to nice music with babies.
- Decorate mommy’s belly use beautiful pictures.
- Pregnant mommy feels great! You are her good helper.

You can find us:
Official website: http://www.youkongwan.com/
Google+: https://plus.google.com/109944588331858989353
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