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Mermaid Mommy Get Married is a fun-filled romantic wedding dress up game.
“Heard you were willing to be grounded for love, i can live in the seabed for you…” Mermaid’s beautiful love story was spreading every street, how many people moved by it, how many people signed by it…Whether you once heard your parents told you about a romantic story of a mermaid or not? Beautiful mermaid loves a man, which is never happen before in mermaid’s history, destiny, or destroy? Mermaid knows it’s never possible to her to love a man, but she loves, she loves a man and is willing to sacrifice for him…After experiencing thousands of ordeals, people who live in mermaid king are moved by her and eventually agree mermaid’s love…Today is the day mermaid and her true love get married, do you wanna prepare a romantic dream wedding for mermaid? A beautiful hall, a unique and fantastic bridal veil, a true love. Dressing an absolutely beautiful and romantic mermaid bride.

Key Features:
1. Before the wedding, do a comfortable spa for mermaid bride.
2. Sets of cosmetics, make up the most beautiful mermaid bride.
3. So many beautiful bridal veils prepared in mermaid’s magic suitcase, dressing the best one for mermaid.
4. Various crystals and jewels catch your eyeballs, shape perfect mermaid bride.
5. Learn makeover and spa skills.
6. Kinds of bride hairstyles, wear the most suitable one for mermaid.
7. Will you the best excellent designer?
8. Simple but funny operations, addictive Mermaid Mommy Get Married.
9. Exquisite and fluent flash, fresh and bright drawing, fun Mermaid Mommy Get Married.

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