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Princess Mammy’s Baby Girl Care is a fun-filled mom having newborn game.
Princess mammy is having her baby. Mom has expected the special and exciting moment for a long time. Since princess mammy owns her baby, she starts her happiness life. The fist several months, princess mammy is careful because baby who lives in mom’s uterus is weak and baby is easy hurt at this time. After princess mammy’s belly bigger and bigger, every morning when princess mammy wakes up, she touches her stomach and say “morning” to her baby, then princess mammy begins her new day in a better mood. Princess mammy is enjoy the life of getting along with her baby in this way, and she is very cherish the happiness moment. Ten months back, now princess mammy is lying on the operation stand for welcoming her new baby. Do you wanna be princess mammy’s doctor and help princess mammy having her baby? Do you wanna see the moment when the new baby comes the world? Princess Mammy’s Baby Girl Care will make your dream come true. Come and enjoy yourself.

Key Features:
1. Funny princess mammy having baby game.
2. Princess mammy is having her baby, come and help her.
3. Rejection, measurement,…, regular examinations before having is important.
4. Beautiful baby is out, take good care of her.
5. Kinds of fashion hairstyles, dress up your beautiful newborn.
6. Choose your favorite toy for baby girl.
7. Learn some simple new baby care skills.
8. Simple operations, easy to play, fun Princess Mammy’s Baby Girl Care.
9. Exquisite and fluent flash, fresh and adorable drawing, enjoy Princess Mammy’s Baby Girl Care.

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