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It's time you unleashed that insane racer locked inside you and quenched his thirst for adrenaline-rising speed! 3D High Speed Racing is the epic top speed driving experience to challenge him with, so jump into your high-performance rally car and race your way to the finish line!

Since we're pretty sure you must be having some high standards as an experienced 3D car racing games player, we've striven to upgrade our game app with all those must-have key features that you would normally be hunting for and... more:

incredibly smooth car handling
realistic car racing experience
cool upgrades to boost your sports car performance with: acceleration, braking, handling, impact protection, speed
detailed 3D settings to speed drive in, both inside and outside the urban jungle
a wide collection of eye-popping, jaw-dropping cars to speed drive through
easy tilting controls
great car crash sound effects
8 car driving skills-demanding levels with 8 different tracks to speed race on

Once you push the paddle and venture yourself in traffic, burning the wind as you master handle your onscreen wheel, you'll soon realize that reaching top speed is not everything! Keeping your focus as you race your car, perfectly controlling your car for skillfully squeezing it through all the other racing super cars there, for avoiding the road signs that you might bump into and for running over those valuable golden coins will demand some outstanding driving skills from you. It should be no problem answering to all these challenges for you, since you're a real car driving games addict, aren't you? So, getting daring and going for maximum speed should definitely be sustained by a cautious way of driving your car, lest you should get it severely damaged before you reach the finish line!

As stated above, the tracks, the environments change with every level, which will definitely contribute a lot to improving your speed racing experience! You'll be engaging in an insane illegal race through the concrete jungle, a crowded metropolis, then, in the next level, you might find yourself somewhere outside the big city, racing on the highway, striving to find the perfect balance between intense speed and a skillful way of driving your rally car! As a 3D car racing games fan, you'll definitely agree that this is one of the most challenging ones you've ever enjoyed!

As for the upgrades that you could spend your money on and turn your car into a really high-performance super car with, you should know that the faster your car might get thanks to all those boosts, the tougher the race gets, with every level. Squeezing your vehicle through the other cars in traffic, through all those nasty road signs placed precisely to slow you down in your mad race, will turn from piece of cake to... a major dare for you! Keep a close eye on the dashboard to see to what degree your ca got damaged and also which is the speed you're reaching at different moments of your wild race! Top speed and zero damages should is the ideal combination, like any other great 3D car driving games!

Also, since we've mentioned the smooth car handling, we'd like to reassure you that this is one of those 3D racing games featuring smooth tilting controls. Gently tilt your phone left and right for steering and controlling your super car, for rotating the onscreen steering wheel, to be more precisely. The amazing detailed 3D environment and the steering wheel control mode will be the perfect combo to guarantee you an incredibly true-to-life driving experience!

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