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Join the mad adventure in this unique 3d racing game, as you dodge obstacles and complete challenges in each of the four levels. If you love adrenaline rising through your body, push the accelerator to the floor and start the race of a lifetime.

Some cool game features:

? eye-popping 3d effects
? super easy racing mode
? fancy posh ride
? challenging achievement quests
? free to play

The 3d mad racer game is perfect to play anywhere and anytime, delivering the fun factor you are craving for in a racing game. Be careful, dodge obstacles and bumps in the road, keeping your car intact as you drive it to the finish line. Get through all levels of intense driving adrenaline, like a professional skilled driver, and practice as much as you need to get to the perfectionist level in record time. Mad racing adventures will get your adrenaline pumping, inspiring you to become better and better as you go

There are four racing opportunities to prove yourself, with four different levels that present four different achievement targets. Take them one by one and conquer them all, making sure you dodge obstacles and out-race yourself to the finish line. You will have to collect coins from the road, watch the streets and avoid bumps and obstacles and you also need to keep yourself safe as you rush to the finish line. There are few tasks you need to complete before you can proclaim yourself the best mad driver. Being a great racer is not enough! You need to go beyond your limits and complete tasks as well as staying focused on the race ahead. In this crazy racing 3d challenge, anything is possible, even a drag racing session across town. So keep focused and opened for whatever challenge might face you, driving your to to stardom.

In the first level, you have two achievements to pass, so start off with your engine all powered up, ready to go. Collect all coins fro the road ahead and dodge obstacles, to complete the level and move on to the next madness racing spree.

The second level will get tougher to win, with three achievements to complete before you can call yourself the winner. Prove your skills on the nasty roads ahead and strive to keep sane as the madness on the wheels continues. The 3d scenery around you will try to distract you from your goal, but use your driving games skills to ensure you will come out as the winning mad racer.

The next two levels are even tougher then the ones before, giving you the rush and the racing thrills you need to feel competitive on the road ahead. There are four achievements to complete, so you'd better be fast, safe and focused on the streets, to make sure you complete all tasks. Collect coins, avoid obstacles and rush tot the finish line to ensure you will become the best 3d mad racer ever! At times the race will be fierce and you will feel like going mad as you race to the finish line among all those obstacles, so stay focused and concentrate on what's there to win.

Get in the 3d driving mode and race the streets in a super close-up view that will let you almost feel the asphalt beneath you. This free to play awesome racing game is a great opportunity for you to enjoy a good ride and practice mar racing skills on the roads ahead. This can be a life and death racing adventure, pushing the pedal down for maximum throttle and maximum fun level! You can even improve your driving skills in real life, practicing skills and maneuvers that will improve your driver's skills. Of course, the addictiveness factor of this mad racing game will also kick in, giving you not only thrills, but also a rush of adrenaline every time you compete in a race. Start off your engine and soon enough you will find yourself blazing through the streets with no desire to ever stop!

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