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How does the idea of speed racing through the urban jungle sound to you, at the wheel of a stunning, head turning sports car, sound to you? The 3D Metropolis Racer gives you the jaw-dropping super car to drive, the challenging tracks to show off your outstanding skills as a driver on and the amazingly realistically designed urban environments to speed along, all you have to bring in is your passion for top speed car races!

First of all, let's see which are the main features that should convince you, a highly picky car racing games fan, to choose this particular game out of hundreds of games available for Android devices:

3 different sleek, gorgeous sports car
4 different 3D urban environments (and implicitly 4 different tracks, too)
increasing speed (at every checkpoint that you'll reach) to challenge your driving skills with
all kinds of obstacles to avoid along the circuit
other eye-catching super cars, engaged in traffic, to feast your eyes upon (make sure they don't steal your attention for too long)
cool sound effects to put you into the right car racing mood
super intuitive tilt controls

That being said, do you really think you have the amazing driving skills, the addiction for extreme speed, for gorgeous shiny sports car and the... madness to participate to this illegal car race through and outside the busy metropolis? 4 adrenaline-overloaded levels await you, 4 challenging circuits to show off your skills as a racer on! So, buckle up your belt and burn the wind at the wheel of your car! Still, as you reach mind-blowing speed, strive to take control of your car, avoiding all those road signs scattered on the track and all the other cars racing there, as well, keeping your vehicle as little damaged as possible! If you're a boringly easy 3D racing games fan, than this game here is definitely not for you, but for those daring players who don't get intimidated by some truly challenging car racing circuits! As mentioned above, with every checkpoint line that you'll cross, you'll gain more and more speed, your insane big city race getting more and more risky and therefore more.... luring!

Each level that you'll manage to complete, enjoying probably one of your future top favorite 3D car racing games, will reward you with a brand new stunning sports car, depending on the money you will have managed to collect during your urban race, as well, of course! Jump out of your old car and get ready to put your know jaw-dropping one to the ultimate drive test, burning rubber on the circuit, at its wheel, as you speed race to the finish line, passing by all those concrete buildings in the crowded metropolis!

You might gain the chance of driving a new faster sports car, but expect the city race to be even more challenging, as well! Overall, it's no doubt one of the most challenging 3D car driving games that you've ever enjoyed! Avoiding all those tricky obstacles on the circuit will get tougher and tougher, as well as squeezing your new super car through all the other vehicles on the road, guiding it in the direction of all those piles of money strategically placed on the track! Don't get discouraged if you get your car way too damaged before you reach the finish line! Start it over again and you'll surely do better next time, getting the chance to unlock the next level and to explore, at high speed, a new zone of the metropolis! You'll even get the chance to venture yourself outside the big city, as well, racing along its super realistically 3D designed outskirts, too!

Less talk, more action, car racing action! Seize the chance of downloading 3D Metropolis Racer on your Android phone or tablet and show off your skills as a highly demanding car racing games player!

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