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Do you hear the call to justice? It's time you took your police officer uniform out of your wardrobe and hit the gas paddle of your fast police car, engaging in a mad chase to catch some scumbags of the society. As a true adrenaline-rising car racing games addict, you should no way miss the chance of setting yourself apart, as a daring cop, in this insane 3D Police Rush here!

First of all, before you start speed racing your police car along the outskirts of the city, let's check whether you have everything you'll need for a memorable car driving experience:

a highly realistically designed, top speed police patrol vehicle to drive
several (4, to be more specific) obstacles-covered tracks to speed along, which will put your driving skills to the ultimate test
different types of obstacles to avoid: tires, wooden boxes, damaged oil barrels, road construction signs etc.
4 categories of upgrades to go for: acceleration, top speed, handling, braking
4 different 3D environments to speed along
a crazy traffic that you need to cope with, facing the challenge of squeezing your police car through all the other cars speed racing there, lest you should damage innocent civilians' vehicles before you reach your lawbreaker
cool music and reality great car crush sound effects
intuitive device tilting controls

Now that you've checked all the must-have characteristics on your personal list as a police car games fan, it's time you proved that you're worthy of wearing that badge of yours! Hop into your stunning police car and hit the gas paddle! It's not just determination to catch those villains and put them behind bars that should animate you, but some great diving skills, too!

Your mad race to the the place of the crime scene will be spiced up with all kinds of unpredictable obstacles suddenly popping up on the highway, as well as with lots of other vehicles that you should no way damage, as you speed drive like a maniac! Watch out for those nasty tires left right in the middle of the road, for those huge wooden boxes and construction signs, as well, lest you should turn your police car into a useless wreck before you even manage to get anywhere close to those criminals! Could you deny that this is one of the catchiest 3D car racing games that you've recently tried? Still, don't avoid everything that pops up before your super car, for you might just avoid the very money that you should be going for, the piles of money scattered on the road, which will help you improve your police car's performance!

The game controls as more than intuitive: just tilt your mobile device leftwards and rightwards for steering and controlling your onscreen vehicle! As simple as that, you definitely need no unnecessarily complex controls to interfere with the smooth game-play and to affect the fun factor!
This aspect, along with that real driving feeling you'll experience, during your extreme chase, will definitely get you addicted to this game! You'll get to drive an amazing upgradable police car, to even break the speed limit, to be more specific, and all that in the name of justice, as you try to hunt down some robbers. Isn't that a dream come true or what! Isn't that the best scenarios that 3D police games could feature? So, if someone has to save the day and answer to the call to justice, make sure that police officer is you! Make sure you make a great team with your car and don't let any obstacle on the road discourage you and slow you down, making sure that you'll be decorated by your superiors after your mad pursuit!

The variety of 3D police car games available for Android mobile devices is simply mind-blowing, but there are a few, like 3D Police Rush here, which stand out from the crowd with the ideal combo of stunning graphics and addictive game-play!

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