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If you're a true daredevil as virtual a car racer, one who doesn't get easily intimidated by the idea of driving a really hard to control, powerful type of classy car, then the American Muscles Racing game app makes the perfect challenge for you!

a high-performance American muscle car for you to speed drive
10 different tracks to show off your driving skills on
10 different, realistically rendered outdoor settings (one for each level)
tricky, strategically placed obstacles to avoid
several piles of money to collect in every level
awesome upgrades to boost your muscle car with
unbelievably realistic driving physics
easy tilt controls
high-fidelity car motor and car impact sound effects

3...2...1...Go! Hit the gas at the wheel of your classy American muscle car and squeeze it through all the other head-turning super cars racing there on the highway. Speeding up your reaction times is a must since controlling your far from lightweight type of car, at the extreme speed that you'll reach, will get tougher and tougher. Where do you add that you need to switch lanes in the blink of an eye, while rushing at high speed, for avoiding all those rocky or wooden obstacles that you'll risk to bump into or for running precisely over those tempting piles of money that will pop up on the highway now and then! You'll see that this driving experience is nothing like the ones you might have enjoyed so far, played other 3D racing games on your mobile device!

The first completed level will grant you the chance of turning your muscle car into an even more powerful vehicle to drive in this insane race here! You'll get to enter the garage and to buy cool acceleration, top speed, handling or/and braking upgrades for your classy super car! Mind you don't allow the rush of adrenaline that will take over your brain to get you less cautious as you burn the wind at the wheel of your American car! You might be an experienced 3D car driving games player, but don't overestimate your driving skills when driving such a hard to master type of car and at such an intense speed! Buying top speed and acceleration upgrades for your car will implicitly force you to keep an eye on the road, throughout the entire race, since at that speed brutally bumping into one of the other cars there, in traffic, or into one of the obstacles on the highway, is a risk hunting every time you hit the gas pedal! Also, abstain from underestimating all the other cars competing in this illegal race here! We've picked some truly high-performance type of super cars for you to rival with, not just any kind of cars, so expect the other drivers to do anything to get you out of the competition, such as switching lanes with the speed of light and popping up right before you, leading to inevitable car crashes which will get your muscle car alarmingly damaged! If you think this is just another one of those dull, unbearably boring type of 3D car racing games available for Android devices, well.. then you'd better think again!

One successfully completed level will be enough for getting you addicted to this game, for making you crave for more! And more adrenaline is what you'll will get, for as you sharpen your muscle car driving skills, switching from one lane to another, at high speed, perfectly squeezing your car through the other super cars racing to the finish line, avoiding the obstacles in the last moment and picking up money scattered on the highway, things get more and more challenging. Expect to get your experience as a 3D car racing games player put to the ultimate test! Find the perfect balance between the speed you're reaching as you compete for the title of the ultimate Muscle car racer out there.

Less beating around the bush now and more action, right? Go on and compete in the blood-thrilling race that will keep your fingers glued to your handheld device for hours on end!

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