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Colorful flash cards and exciting games to help teach Catholic vocabulary words at home, in the classroom, or on the go! All in one app!

“Catholic Words & Games” is a fun way to help parents, grandparents, teachers, homeschoolers, catechists and youth ministers teach Catholic vocabulary words to their little ones. The app is a collection of five fun and educational learning tools and games. It’s 5 apps in 1!

• NOT a crippled demo
• NO In-App purchases
• NO distracting banner ads
• NO annoying pop-up ads
• All 5 modules are 100% included
• Nothing else to buy
• Created with kids in mind!

But more than just kids, the words may be new to adults too. Do you know when a “crotalus” is used? Or who sits on a “faldstool”? Or the proper color of a “mozzetta”? If not, this app can teach you and the games are fun for all ages.



At the core of “Catholic Words & Games” are the fun flash cards. Over 65 colorful illustrations were created just for this app. No boring clip art or grainy internet photos.

Advance the flash cards by swiping or select the slideshow feature. Play the flash card deck in six different modes. Hear the name of the objects properly pronounced by a professional voiceover artist. Tap the dictionary icon for a glossary entry with a real-world picture of the item.

The flash card deck is highly customizable. Pick and choose which cards to include to customize for little ones. Other settings allow you to turn the voiceover, music, sound effects and looping on or off. Have the cards appear in random or alphabetical order. The names can be displayed in “ALL CAPS”, “all lower case” or “Mixed Case”.

In addition to the flash cards, enjoy 4 different learning games to further reinforce the vocabulary words.


• MEMORY MATCH: Play the popular “Memory Match” game with colorful Catholic illustrations. Choose a 4, 8, 12, 24, 36 or 48 card game. Special “Show All” and “Show Revealed” cards add a new level of fun. As the cards flip, the object’s name is heard. Whimsical animations let you know you’ve matched a pair. Play against the clock, aim for accuracy, or compete against friends. Then, enter your high score. The audio, images and text make it fun to practice reading, listening and word recognition. An addictive way to learn new Catholic words!

• TAP IT: Is it an “aspergillum”, “mitre” or “surplice”? Find out by playing “Tap It”! Hear the name of an object, then tap the right picture. See how many you get correct before time runs out. Pick how many images to include in the “Tap It” game to make it easier for little ones or more challenging for older kids. You can optionally display the word instead of (or in addition to) hearing it’s name. Helps teach word association and image recognition.

• SPELL IT: An image appears and below it are letter tiles. Tap the tiles in the right order to spell the object’s name. Additional unused letters make the game more difficult—an option that can be disabled in the settings panel. Tap the speaker icon to hear the word. If you need help, tap on the “hint” icon and a few of the letters will fall in their correct order. The game tests memory recall and improves written communication by practicing spelling.

• NAME MATCH: At the top of the screen, object names appear in the “Word Bin”. A matrix of images appear below. Drag the name down toward the correct picture. If correct, the image glows and its name snaps into place. If wrong, the image shakes and the word returns to the bin. Race the clock or aim for accuracy! Improves hand-eye coordination and enhances vocabulary by reinforcing the name of the object with its visual representation.

Instilling a love and reverence for Jesus and His Church should begin at an early age. “Catholic Words & Games” helps you do just that. Introducing your little ones to these words will help them prepare to receive the Sacraments and inaugurate a lifelong journey of learning about the wonders of their Catholic faith.

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