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Digital Doodler is a drawing app with features similar to those found on desktop drawing/painting programs. Completely free forever and no ads.

Color chooser with hue and saturation/brightness selectors

Brush with adjustable Hardness, Opacity, Size. Toggles for pressure sensitive, live portrait mirroring and/or landscape mirroring.

Layers with ability to add, remove, duplicate, merge, change opacity, and toggle visibility. Pinch to scale or use one finger to pan with the layer tool selected.

Import images from your gallery.

Take a picture from within the app and it's automatically added as a layer.

Sharing, able to pass along the image created to any application that accepts an image (for easy e-mailing/texting/storing of images on cloud services).

Save for storage on the local device as a PNG.

Undo/Redo for drawing

Please feel free to e-mail me directly about any issues you encounter or suggestions you have for the application.

Note for the techies: no hard set limits though limited memory means the app will crash with Z number of layers for a phone with X memory and Y resolution, crashing will happen roughly when X>(Z*Y). For example on a Galaxy Nexus with res of 1280x720x32bpp = 3.68MB per screen, device RAM is 1GB, theoretical maximum of 271 layers (actually tested with 40 layers without a crash).

If you're a developer and would like to contribute this is an "open source" project and can be found at:

Feel free to fork the code or send in pull requests, the code is AS3 using AIR for deployment.

Information related to this and other mobile applications I develop will be stored posted at

Keywords: drawing, doodling, sketching, artwork, layers, scale, rotate, sharing, transparency, pressure, color, finger, paint, canvas, custom ui controls, photo, import, export, notes, notepad.

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