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Join international speaker, author and divine healer Christopher Macklin to connect with the Divine throughout your day. This app shares Christopher's most powerful prayers that have been successfully used by clients around the world. By playing these recordings, you too can benefit from these wonderful blessings.

These prayers are designed to be played automatically on your behalf throughout the day. For prayers that you recite with Christopher, please see the Macklin Prayers app.

New Feature (as of June 2017)
Prayer audios only play with notifications when the app is running in the background. If you force quit or restart your phone, simply the open the app again. You can then close it and continue using your phone or tablet normally.

You can choose from the following prayers:

Protection Prayers

• Prayer of Protection
• Pyramid Prayer of Protection
• The Merkaba Field Prayer of Protection
• Prayer to Remove Spiritual Attack
• Prayer to Remove Holographic Insert
• Prayer to Disable the Radionic Machines from Your Life

Food and Water Blessings

• Food Blessing / Revibration
• Prayer to Rebalance Personal Drinking Water
• Prayer to Remove Contaminants and Rebalance Earth’s Planetary Water Systems
• Prayer to Neutralize and Remove Chem Trails

Prayers for Electronics and Crystals

• Prayer to Block Out Luciferian Spirits and Frequencies from Multimedia
• Prayer to Remove Radionic Manipulations from Computer and Electromagnetic Equipment Past Life
• Prayer to Clear and Reprogram Crystals

Past Life Prayers

• Prayer to Release Any Cellular Memory or Esoteric Transference From Past Life
• Prayer to Release Past Life Connection Issues

You can hear Christopher recite them for you and even schedule them to be recited automatically throughout the day! This is especially powerful for protection prayers. Allow the Divine energy of Christopher Macklin to work miracles in your life.

Features include:
* Prayers for protection
* Food and water blessings
* Prayers to clear electronics
* Prayers to clear crystals
* Prayers to clear past life issues
* Transcriptions of the prayers
* Play any of the prayers immediately
* Schedule prayers to play automatically

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