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Learners find it extremely useful to practise pronunciation as a self-study activity. They can repeat activities as many times as they like, and can make mistakes without embarrassment. Clear Pronunciation 1 is the ideal tool for helping you master the sounds of English.

Clear Pronunciation 1 helps learners recognise and pronounce 43 English phonemes: vowels, consonants and diphthongs. The program includes over 1,000 audio clips and 50 videos which provide both comprehensive input for the sounds, and models for learners to copy. The Recorder enables users to record their voice and assess their pronunciation against that of a native speaker. Each of the 25 units contrasts two sounds - head/had, game/came, pill/fill - with audio and video of these sounds in isolation and in context.

The program is only available to users from select schools or libraries who have subscribed to Clear Pronunciation 1. If you are interested in Clear Pronunciation 1 as an unaffiliated user, please see

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