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Jump Happy Potato through the Cloud's as he Happy jumps UP UP UP to get back to his Potato Wife! She has a SPECIAL SECRET waiting for him at the Top of the Sky!

We bet that you can't JUM JUMP JUMPP JUMPPP to the Top and discover Happy Potato Wife's SPECIAL SURPRISE! Careful though - watch out for obstacles and Baddies! If he misses a jelly cloud Happy Potato falls to his doom!

Play against your friends in Google Play! Who can jump Happy Potato the Highest?

Watch out for the Sky-Snails, Cloudbugs and Dragonflies! Collect foods as you jump, bob, zig and zag from Cloud to Cloud! Visit NEW heights and new levels and get there faster with AWESOME LEVEL POWERUPS! Share on Facebook and start Jumping against your Friends! Unlock Happy Mode as you Jump from Cloud to Cloud by collecting Bonus Letters! If you like Happy Jump, Doodle Jump, Jelly Jump, Papi Jump, Snail Watch or Snail Bob we bet you'll LOVE Happy Potato! Feel the Action! TASTE the Excitement! It's not Pomato, it's Potato! It's not Happi, its Happy! Happy Jumping Action! What a Happy Potato!

Crush your enemies as you jump up! Continue your Game up to Level 30 with In-Game POTATO COINS! Careful to watch each Cloud in case your Potato falls! And watch out for obstacles - it's trippy for potatoes!

And Happy Potato is hungry! As he jumps up, here are just a few of the foods he can eat as he jump jump jumps! Take a bite out of Cakes, French Fries, Burgers, Perogies, Pizza, Corn Dogs, Bacon, Jelly Donuts, Cherry Pies, Cookies, Candy, Ice Cream, Brigadeiro, Pretzels, Candy Corn, Lollipops, Marshmellows, Easter Eggs, Hot Dog, Ischoklad, Licorice, Onion Rings, Fudge, Potato Chips, Cream Puffs, Candy Apples, Gingerbread and Watermelon! It's a appy, hppy, hapy, hapy, hhappy, haappy, gappy, yappy HappEE jump game!

Don't get Angry - Get Happy! Try one of the most Addictive, Fun and Challenging Games in the Play Store!

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