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Hi, today is a beautiful day and we want to go in the park along with our little boy. For this we have to prepare carefully. Clothing must be appropriate for such output. When you get out in the park with your parents do you prepare yourself or are you asking for help? Our baby is too small and he can not prepare himself and where you come in, you're the only one who can help our boy. With this game you can prove that you're a resourceful child that can help other children. Sure you accept to help us so please be very careful about what he wants and what the child needs. Our little boy is called Adam. He is a sensitive child and the three levels of this kids care game gives you the opportunity to understand him.
Please follow the instructions , you have to prepare very well because Adam wants to play with others children.

1) First you should know that you'll find Adam in his room, he is angry and needs you to give her toy which is on the table. This is his favorite toy. Start preparing for the bathroom, you have to strip the clothes then you can go to the bathroom. All dirty clothes have to sit in a basket and then have to prepare the bathrobe;
2) Prepare the tub, turn on the hot water to fill the tub and prepare a bubble bath because Adam loves to bathe in a bubble bath. Then take the child and place him in the tub and you can start to wash him.
First you need to wash his hair with a shampoo that he likes, then to wash the rest of the body with a special shower gel;
3) After bathing is supposed to go in his room and he sat on the bed. Now you need to clean him with a soft towel until all the water disappears, then you have to give him a baby lotion and then have to change his diaper;
4) The time has come for the last part and that is to dress. Choose the most beautiful clothes in the closet but please be careful to choose the right clothes for a day in the park. Accessories are very important and you have to be careful how you choose.

Thank you for visiting us and we recommend you go back to playing and other games for girls and queen games. Thank you and come back soon

Thank you for your help, now we can come to the park with Adam, now he can play with his friends.
You can come back anytime you want to take care of Adam through this game for kids.
Have fun!

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