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I noticed that in the morning our little girl fans feel increasingly worse, and I decided to take her to see a doctor. Please join us at the hospital to take her fans to the doctor, to see what the problem is, and try to do not to suffer. Arrived at the hospital we went to the doctor on duty who hastily began to take the little fans. Once in the emergency room, the doctor began to examine the fans, but because she was crying so much, doctor advised us to feed and give him toys to play with. The doctor takes blood tentiunea girl fans, the temperature takes a little weights on to the next stage after passing the examination. The doctor noticed that our little Fania has a skin infection which is why he began to examine it with a magnifying glass. Seeing that little girl cries a lot and is worried the doctor administered a sedative injection. The doctor prescribed a cream to treat skin diseases. She noticed that fans coughing and took medical tool to see if Fania has red throat. She also manages her nose spray, gives medication and administrate a tonic syrup. Finally the little fans will be more peaceful and happy that all her problems were solved.

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