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Hello, holidays are the most beautiful, whether we go to the sea or the mountains we enjoy and relax in equal measure. When you go on a trip you must be very careful about what we take with you, the baggage is most important. If we go to the mountains and want to sleep in nature then you will need to have proper equipment but also a tent with all the necessary things and when you go to sea in our luggage must be protective lotion, hats, caps, beach towels and if you want to swim underwater and observe the creatures you need special equipment such as: costumes, detention, computers and equipment, mask, fins, oxygen cylinders but and other instruments. Even if we know that the sea is very beautiful because we can play in hot water and even build sand castles there are some less pleasant namely accidents.
If we dive can happen something wrong, for example the drowning and then the lifeguard should help us get to the shore where the doctor will provide the first aid. In this kids game you will notice how a doctor will help a girl to recover after being on the brink of drowning. To be able to cure the young, our doctor will need your help. You must follow the instructions and the time, yes, time is limited and if you don not solve the requirements you will have to restart the game. In such situations it is very important the spirit of responsibility.

- In the first level you must remove the equipment, such as: cylinders, fins, goggles, oxygen tube and watch. Then using oxygen mask pump through clicking it. Cardio pulmonary resuscitation is very important and pay attention to every detail` because you will do that with your hands and if this does not work you have to turn to the electro shock resuscitation;

- This level is more delicate step because now you have to treat wounds. Apply lotions: green, blue, pink and a moisturizer. After that, you have to collect carefully and with a special clamp pieces of glass. At the end of this level, you have to care to collect fishes in need of help;

- Now the girl is good, but fishes are those who need treatment. Apply blue lotion to disinfect and pink lotion for all healing and gather all the pieces of glass that are in fish scales. To collect glass you have to use a clamp.

Sure this doctors game will help you prove that you are a responsible child and in the future you become a renowned doctor.

Thank you for visiting us and we recommend you go back to playing and other games for girls and doctor games. Thank you and come back soon

Thank you for help, you saved both girl and fishes.
Have fun!

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