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Raina moved to a new house much larger and more spacious. She finds all good in this house but to her surprise, the big garden isn't full of flowwers. So she wants to plant as many flowers to have a garden as beautiful and rich in flowers. Raina need to help to make it so you have to go in the garden and help clean it because it is quite dirty. You need to prepare some flower pots in which the seeds and then we'll put wet with water to stimulate growth. We need to help our friend to take a bath Raian out, so we washed her hair and then we rinse little water to remove dirt and soap. Raina got to go home to help in different things like play with the teddy bear or eating a fruit salad. Still have to get out in the garden and we see that all the flowers planted by Raina increased, so we have to pick a few to prepare a bouquet to a loved one. Please try other games for girls in this series for all test your skills in caring for small children.

Instructions: Use your fingers to play

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