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Hello, animals occupy an important place in our lives, they are the ones who enjoy your life when you come tired from school or work. If you have pets then you know how it is when you work on a project all night and in the morning you find the puppy that gives from the tail and enjoy his stunt with pieces of paper around it, even if they do crazy things, animals can help you get through difficult times. No wonder there is proverb appears that the dog is man's best friend. Everyone has a favorite animal, and each of us wants to have a pet or even more. Parents tell you that you have to be responsible children if you want a pets because they require special care. With this animal game for kids you will have the opportunity to prove to your parents that you are a responsible child and you can take care of your favorite animal.
Through this fun pets game you will learn how to care some pets. For them to be satisfied you must be careful to follow the instructions. Remember that animals should be at a show where they will support several performances.

1) In the first step you have to choose one of three animals: dog, rabbit and cat. And then you take care of each in turn. You have to pay attention because they are different, they eat and behave differently.

2) You need to wash them carefully with shampoo, rinse the fur with warm water, wash their teeth, you have to cut them the nails and dry fur with a hair dryer.

3) After you have dealt with the physical appearance of these cute animals will have to feed them. For dog and cat you have baked chicken drumsticks and salad for rabbit, namely: cucumbers, carrots, cabbage, peppers.

4) Now they look good, ate all that they wanted and are ready to go on stage. Each pet has prepared many surprise you will have to be their assistant and helping with instruments.

Together with you they sure will support some wonderful performances. Thanks for being a good friend. You can return to take care of our pets because you did it very well.

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Have fun!

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