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Annie was playing in the kindergarten when she heared that a new doctor must come to children to make them a little inspection to see if they are ready to start the kindergarten year. Annie is afraid of doctors so we have to help her to spend time with him as relaxed as not to be scared while the doctor a control so you have to give him some toys that wield them while the doctor does the job. First you must arrange letters into a proper order to create some words, and then must we take temperature, check his pulse, his measure heartbeat and finally have to weigh. Then we will administer an injection of anti-flu while we'll give candy to worrying about something else while we make them shot. Next We need to measure the diameter of the head to see if it has a normal size and we will give you a cookie as a reward for being good so far. We need to see if Annie is forced to wear glasses so we will seek some diopters. Please try other games for girls in this category of games to test your skills in caring for small children.

Instructions: Use your fingers to play

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