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Hi, we all know that parents always work and sometimes they need a day off to relax and children stay with a babysitter or relative. Today we go to a party and our little girl needs someone to take care of her. If you are a good friend and if you want to help us through this game with babies you'll be able to prove to everyone that you can take care of a child who is younger than you. Our little girl needs attention and please give all the toys she wants. She likes to play around the house so it definitely you will not have problems. The game is very simple, you will have to take care of our daughter and help her to fulfill all the activities.
It is important to behave very nicely with her because she is a sensitive child.
Please follow all instructions in this game for kids.
Good luck!

- You'll meet our beautiful daughter;
- She is happy for you coming to visit her;
- She wants to play so please help her to do what she wants;
- You will quickly find all the toys she likes;
- Most likes to ride a bike;
- After playing our girl is hungry, please give her milk;
- You can offer her a lollipop;
- She wants to build a house, with your help she will surely succeed;
- You did a great job, our daughter is very happy.

Thank you that today you have chosen to be with us, you are a good friend and please come back daily to help us through this game.

Have fun!

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