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Hi There! I'm Andrew and I have not seen the best friend for a long time, and I'm sorry for this. These days we went out and we met was superb. I noticed that she will give birth to a baby very very nice and feels good. You have to take care of it because I want to be all right but I can not manage. You need someone to help me. In this game you have to help me take care of my best friend.

1) First you have to give him a glass of water and put it to do some exercises because not moved for a long time.
2) then you must go to the hospital and check its voltage and to measure heart rate.
3) still have to manage them and make them some drugs to lower blood injection.
4) after the baby was born have to weigh and measure the height ii.
5) then you must put a blanket and give it to his mother because it is eager to see his child.

Thank you that you helped Andrew to take care of his best friend since deserve this. We know we can count on you, you are a trustworthy person.

Have fun!

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