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Hey, we all like babies, they are special. When a child is born it comes with a lot of hope that we can make life more beautiful. Today you will be witness a great event, you'll be able to help a young woman to give birth. This is very excited for soon she will be able to know her baby. You will definitely be our friend and we'll help you to do everything very well just through this game with babies. You will be able to test your skills and even more you'll be able to prove that you are a responsible child. You will have the most important role, namely you have to be a doctor who will help Meghan to give birth without pain. Thanks to you everything will happen exactly as it should and the two will be healthy and happy.
For the mission to have a happy ending, please pay attention to all the details of this game Baby Care.
Follow all instructions of this game.
Good luck!

- Meghan began to have pain and fainted on the street;
- She came to the hospital by ambulance;
- You will need to consult;
- Check heartbeat;
- Check if younger has fever;
- If she has pain you will have to give a special syrup;
- Make ultrasound to see how it feels the child;
- Do anesthesia;
- The child was born;
- You will need to consult her;
- Check heartbeat;
- Check the weight and height;
- Now you have to give her baby food;
- She wants to drink milk;
- Prepare tub because you have to wash the child;
- Fill the tub with warm water;
- Choose a special shampoo for babies;
- Rinse with warm water;
- Choose the most beautiful clothes and accessories;
- Mother and child feel great, you are a good friend.

Thank you for help, please come back every day to help us through this game for girls.

Have fun!

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