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Hello, all girls want to be more beautiful. When they go to a party they want to attract the all attention and get many compliments. The girls are very happy when they feel valued and receive compliments for the way that their skin looks and when they have the most beautiful outfit and accessories but very important is their makeup, so we do not have to forget something. For a girl to shine is a lot of work,she must be attentive to every detail. In this game for girls, you will have the opportunity to meet a girl Elena, a young girl who needs your help to prepare for a party. Be careful because it is a young queen and needs special attention. For our young queen to be pleased you should respect every step of this makeup game with six levels.

1) For the beginning you must apply massage oil on her back and massage until it enters the skin;
2) Apply the three types of creams to massage and make her massage with your hands until the skin absorbs everything and until Queen is relaxed. After that you may use a sponge to continue the massage;
3) This stage is represented by the hot stone massage, this massage is known for its therapeutic effect;
4) The Queen is relaxed now and it is time for bath. You now need to wash her hair with shampoo, all that you have to do is that to select with one click, then rinse the hair with the shower. Next wash her body with soap body. After you have washed her and dried the hair you must cut off the damaged tips and catch him with a special pliers;
5) After she had this special bath now she needs a facial treatment and for that you have to apply different moisturizers masks and finally to apply a few slices of fruit for skin hydration around the eyes;
6)This step is perhaps the most beautiful, now you need to take care of her hair and apply makeup that consists of: contact lenses, applying powder, lipstick and eye shadow. Choosing the dress is very easy, you have to be careful

With your help our queen will be beautiful after such pampering. Now, when you will see that kind of care we are sure that you will want the same treatment.
Have fun with this game of beauty!

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Thank you for your help! The Queen is happy!

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