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Telco Tools is a simplistic app designed for the telecom technician that maintains the phone cable network.

It is free to use and contains no annoying ads.

If you have an issue or suggestion, please contact me before leaving negative feedback. Positive feedback will be met with positive results.

Pair Color Finder tool

Use the Pair Color Finder tool to quickly calculate the color or pair number up to a 4200 pair pic cable.

- Select a color combination to calculate the pair number.
- Enter a pair number to calculate the color combination.
•Note: Pair number must range from 1 to 4200.

GPS Measuring tool

Use the GPS Measuring tool to calculate distances between cable segments as you isolate network trouble.

1. Ensure Geolocation services is enabled in device settings.
2. Move device to have an unobstructed view to GPS satellites in orbit.
3. Wait for device to acquire signal and display GPS coordinates on screen.
4. Hold device still and wait for "Accuracy" to settle to a preferred lower number less than 100 feet.
• Note: Accuracy is determined by hardware quality and an unobstructed view to the sky.
5. Press the "Save" button to store the coordinates.
6. Move device to new location to automatically calculate distance.
• Note: Distance is calculated as a straight line between the 2 sets of GPS coordinates.

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