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Fun With Notes Free is a FREE amazing interactive tool where you can learn everything about musical notes, including the notes’ names, sounds, positions on the staff and on the keyboard.

Fun With Notes Free includes games that are designed to help you improve your music reading ability, sharpen your ears, and practice your keyboarding skills.

Highlighted features:
- Beautiful graphics
- Realistic piano sounds
- Both English note names (C, D, E…) and French note names (do, re, mi…)
- Including sharp and flat notes
- Sound for every note being played
- Interactive feedbacks and sounds to promote learning experience

The full version of Fun With Notes includes more features, covers more learning materials, and especially offers more games where you can learn all about musical notes and improve your music skills. The full version also adds a wonderful feature of a six-octave piano that gives you the freedom to practice your songs and sharpen your ears wherever you are.

Explore this amazing tool to improve your own music abilities and give your child a chance to enjoy learning music now!

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