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Punykura™ is like having a Japanese purikura photo booth in the palm of your hand, ready to use whenever and wherever you want. Punykura is the purikura app! It has the Japanese kawaii anime style that really gives your photos that cute flavor you crave.

Snap a photo or pick one from your photo gallery, then choose from the many cute animated stamps and frames to deck out your photo with cute decorations. Scale, rotate, flip, color, and customize the stamps to your liking. Most stamps play cute animations, and can have a custom color set. Many have multiple variations. Most frames can be custom-recolored, and many of them are animated. Some even have multiple variations.

There are currently over 160 unique stamps and over 50 unique frames. With custom recoloring, animation, and variations on top of that, the possibilities are virtually endless.

Save your Punykura photo creation both to your gallery and as a .PUNY save file that can be loaded again later to play the animations and do more editing. Connect to your computer via USB to transfer .PUNY files to and from your device.

Add annotations and doodles with the colorful customizable draw tool.

Apply a purikura-style skin lightening effect or an invert effect to your photos.

Pause and play animation for your photo so you can freeze it at the position of your liking.

Enjoy quality photo save resolution(at least 1280x1920, but higher on some larger devices) and graphics that retain their quality as you scale them up, without getting grainy or pixelated.

In Punykura, the controls and layout are beautiful sheer minimalism.
User-friendly intuitive touch controls make decorating and customizing your photos easy and straightforward without undue obstruction or distraction, while still delivering deep features for power users. This minimalistic approach to design puts the focus on you and your content.

Artists, designers, and enthusiasts can create and share their own .KURA files, which contain custom stamps and frames. Each custom Kura can have it's own branded icon, splash image, and additional info set by the creator.
Visit http://artist.punykura.com/ for details, and to get the Punykura artist kit, which has tips and resources for adding an extra polish to your work. The kit contains an example web-app that can be added to the homescreen and launch Punykura with your custom Kura using the "punykura:" special link protocol.

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