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From the guy sitting in the same room with the guy who made CLASSIC HELICOPTER game, comes CLASSIC RETRY HELICOPTER - a game that impossible to be released in 2014 because of it's hardcore and old school.

But dont be afraid - it is so addicted and fun, that you may think that Marty McFly just returns from 1986 with this game.

You're a the pilot of the famous Bell UH-1 Iroquois helicopter, so be prepared to apply a force and get oiled to control this smoking bird, ace. Unique environment is out to do one thing: stop your fly.
And I'll bet you will press retry button very often.


FLY. SMASH. RETRY. Hard enough? - YES!
GREAT SFX. No silly music- only wroom-wroom of 2850hp helicopter engine.
RETRO 8-BIT GRAPHICS. I say 8-bit? It can be 4-bit at all!
Completely Free to play, NO IN-APP PURCHASES at all!

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