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Social Language is a fun and effective language exchange & social networking App that aims to be your bridge to the eastern world!

#4 Education App in New Zealand
#8 Education App in Canada

Are you interested in learning Chinese?
Do you wish you know someone in China, who you can ask about which cities to travel to, some insights on businesses you’re in, which schools to apply, or any interesting topics related to China?

If you’d like to learn Chinese:
Social language not only provides fun and effective voice courses for free; we also have thousands of Chinese users, wanting to chat and practice Chinese with you! What more fun and effective can it be than practicing and chatting with native speakers right after learning each course!

If you’d like to connect with someone in China:
Social Language provides you a platform where you can search real users in China. They’re interested in the western world and are eager to talk to you. You can exchange languages, resources, share your interests, culture or topics you’re both interested in!


1.Short & Effective Voice Courses
- Design for you to speak right from the start.
- Can see result with 5 minutes a day!

2.Accent Correction from Native Speakers
- Instead of just listening, you can speak & have native speakers correcting your accent!

3.Voice Chat with Friends from around the world
- Meet your study pals, teachers & new friends from across continents!
- Apply what you’ve learned and talk to them!
- Not only languages, you can share your cultures, resources, and interesting topics with each other!

4.Fun & Addictive Games
- Have fun while you learn!
- Play games, take challenges and earn badges along the way!

5.Join the community & Give Back
- Not only all courses are free, you can also earn rewards by teaching others!
- It’s an amazing feelings to help someone learn about your language & culture!

Plenty of native speakers are willing to teach & getting to know you through Social language, so join us now!

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