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Have you ever been in a situation where you aren’t sure how to act? Maybe are in business meeting or at a business dinner with people from around the world and don’t want to insult anyone. Maybe you are on a first date and aren’t sure if what you are about to do will hurt your chances.

These situations and many more can be helped by using The Etiquette App. We have compiled a database full off relevant etiquette information and advice. Everything from should you escort your date home to what you should know about shaking hands with someone in Japan. Best of all, we are always updating the information and you will receive updated information all the time!

Never be caught in an awkward situation again! Impress coworkers, family, friends and even strangers by showing them how people should act.

Plus, The Etiquette App features a number of sharing options that allow you to post to Twitter and Facebook both personally and anonymously. Do you know someone that is always chewing with their mouth open? Let them know without them knowing it was you !

* requires Adobe AIR 3.0

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