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South Auckland hip-hop superstars Smashproof are smashing new ground when they become the first New Zealand music act to release their own Android game.

The hip-hop rapsters are the first New Zealand band to release a mobile game app with, Spindie, an exciting new music game label which aims to bring out a new game featuring a new artist every day.

A launch party will be held on Friday, December 13 to celebrate the release of the game with MTC, Red Bull, Mai FM and Flava all excited to be part of this awesome event.

“The fact that we’re the first in New Zealand to have our own music game is really cool and we can’t wait to see our fans getting into our music in a new way,” says Smashproof’s Sid Diamond..

Smashproof are also running a competition for the game’s highest scorer with the lucky prize winner and a friend scoring a day in south Auckland with their favourite Smashproof member (Sid Diamond, Tyree or Deach) starting with a tour of the famous Otara markets, lunch, and an afternoon of fun at Rainbow’s End.

Based around the Smashproof trio’s love of basketball, the highly addictive Spindie game features four fabulous Smashproof tracks and links to Facebook so players can battle their friends for better scores.

Spindie’s world-first music app can be seen as an alternative to a music video – a way more interactive, original and contemporary alternative.

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