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Deluxe Solitaire, android game for mobiles and tablets from K Square creations is one of the best card games in Android here.

If you love solitaire we are sure you will love our game even more.

This Android game is crafted to fit all screen size from phone to tablet. The motive of the game is there are four foundations (light rectangles in the upper right) are built up by suit from Ace to King of the same suit. There are seven piles which can be built down by alternate colors (i.e. Red and Black), and descending in number starting from King to Ace.

The stacks can be moved partially or completely. The undo button can help you out with any bad moves. Auto move function checks playable cards and stack them automatically. An empty space can be filled with King or a pile of cards with king. The game is finished when you stack all the 4 suits of the cards in the rectangular box.

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