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Hi, do you like chocolate? Sure you love it, we all love sweets and especially chocolate is wonderful. We like to eat ice cream with chocolate, donuts with chocolate, chocolate pie and even some chocolate drinks are delicious. How chocolate is the favorite of all we thought today to prepare a cheesecake, white chocolate and raspberry. Fruits are healthy and in combination with chocolate give a wonderful dessert that you can cook through this cooking games for girls. So what you say? Do you help us?
If yes then you need to begin preparing this desert through this cooking games for kids to prepare chocolate cake.
For the result to be the one we all want from you will have to pay attention to all instructions and follow each step.

1) At first you will have to add in a bowl the following ingredients: chocolate chips, sugar and melted butter. Mix well until creamy reise composition;
2) The composition must be placed in a pan;
3) Turn on the stove, place a pan on low heat and then add: raspberries, sugar, water and flour. After a few minutes, close the cooker;
4) Put a pan on the stove and add white chocolate flakes and water. Mix with a wooden spoon;
5) In a bowl you must add: butter, eggs, raspberry jam, butter, sugar and salt. Mix well;
6) Mix all compositions in a tray and insert the tray into the oven;
7) The cake is ready, you can decorate however you want.

Thank you for today, you cooked for us this dessert, you're a good cook, you can return whenever you want to help us through this kids games.
Have time!
Enjoy your meal!

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