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Hello, today is a beautiful day and we must enjoy it. What is nicer than to prepare lunch for your loved ones? To cook something tasty for those who love us is always the right choice, so we can show how much we love them and show our skill in the kitchen. If you like cooking games then you are at the right place because through this burger cooking games you have the opportunity to prepare the most tasty burgers. You must be aware of all the details, follow each step to make everything wonderful. Of course you are a kid with a lot of skills and culinary part is in the front of the list.

1) For starters Alicia, our friend, will send a boat with all ingredients, you must be careful to select everything you need such as: salt, milk, oil and mixer
2) Break two eggs into a bowl and mix them well with fork;
3) Add the beaten eggs, meat and breadcrumbs then mix well to get a good composition;
4) Next you need to add garlic, red pepper, milk, olive oil and mix well until it forms a paste;
5) Using a utensil creates three hamburgers and sit them on a tray;
6) It is time to put hamburgers on the grill, it is very simple, all you have to do is sit down with her pliers. Start the grill and make sure to not burn;
7) Add the flour, water, yeast, cold water, milk, salt and mix well then anoint with oil pan;
8) With the help of a utensil you can do the rolls, you need to place them on the tray, then the tray should be placed in the oven. Allow a few minutes to bake very well;
9) Cut into two buns, add: salad, onions, tomatoes, cabbage, and finally sprinkle sesame hamburger for a more beautiful and better taste.

Thank you for help, you are a very good cook. Friends and relatives will be very pleased.
Have fun and good appetite!
Remember, you can return anytime to prepare these delicious hamburgers through this kids games!

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