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Hello, summer vacation is over, all children need to prepare for school. The boys are getting ready soon but girls need more time to be able to look flawless in first day of school. In this kids games for girls you will be able to meet our little girl Nyasa, who wants to be the most beautiful tomorrow when she will meet old colleagues but also to impress new colleagues. You will need to haircut her and arrange her hair, you will help her to take a bathe and to apply some moisturizing masks. Finally she will want to go to the pool, she will play in the water to start school with energy. Follow all the instructions and everything will be perfect, the girl will be happy to have such a friend. Success!

1) First, Nyasa, came to the hairdresser, so do not cry girl you should let her play with all the toys. Then with great care you will have to haircut, comb her hair, then spray with water to be easily trimmed. Finally apply a hair oil especially for children;
2) Now girl looks great with the new hair and is time for the bathroom. You will have to wash her hair and for this you have to make sure that you will choose the shampoo which she wants, to rinse her hair, to wash the body with a creamy soap tha she wants and finally dry with a towel or with a hair dryer;
3) It is time for facial treatments, apply moisturizer, remove acne and clip the eyebrows.
4) Now Nyasa wants to relax, the pool is very large and can enjoy the warm water and sun;
5) Breakfast is ready on the table, you just need to help her to eat;
Thank you for your help, our daughter is happy and will surely have a great school started. You are a good friend, you can come back to take care of her.
Have fun with this games for kids!

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