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Hello, today you will meet a happy family who soon will increase by one member because Amy is pregnant. She and her husband are very excited when they think that they will become parents and always they are talking about how their child will be and everything that they will do for him. Recently we found out that Amy will be born a girl and they are happy but they have a big problem at this time, they still do not know what name to choose for their baby. In everyday they talk and still have not found the perfect name. A few minutes ago Amy felt the approaching long awaited moment and she said to her husband but she also needs your help. Do you want to help her through this games for girls?
This kids game will help to play the role of a doctor very famous. Amy is confident that you will help to have a birth without problems.
Please follow all instructions of this kids games with doctors.
Good luck!

1) At the beginning of the game you will meet the two spouses;
2) They want to dine and please help them to eat;
3) Amy must eat healthy and therefore please be careful what you offer;
4) Now you have to consult Amy;
5) Check her blood pressure;
6) Make an ultrasound to see if the baby is healthy;
7) Now please give her a medicine;
8) The girl was born and she is healthy;
9) Meanwhile they decided the name, the girl will be named Leslie;
10) Because of you mother and daughter feel very well;
11) All three form a beautiful family and you will remain their friend.

Thank you because you were a big help today, please come back daily to help us through this games for kids.

Have fun!

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