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***Note: Game requires Adobe AIR. If not present, its installation should be prompted automatically when the game is executed. If not, you can get it here:

After years being the most useless piece of plastic in your keyboard, the Scroll Lock key makes a triumphant return on your next-generation Android device... be a TRUE SAVIOR OF STICKMEN!!

Following its successful debut on desktop computers, where gamers around the world could rest assured that they finally got 100% use out of their keyboard, we are honored to bring Scroll Lock -- the game AND the key -- right to the palm of your hand!

Controls are as simple as this: just press your newly-aquired vintage edition virtual Scroll Lock key to LOCK the SCROLLING of the conveyor belt carrying the stickman, avoiding the deadly spiked smashers in its way and escaping the deadly laser beam on its tail!

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