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"FOTOJELAH" v 0.1 beta ("photo-jer-laah") help you to share your location, activity through photo in a fun way. Select a photo, crop it, select template and share it. You also have an option to rotate photo, change person name and change a location.

Development status
For now there is still have a small bug here an there, and also performance issue. But its good enough to release it as a beta version. Still in development. I'm focusing on technical, functionality, performance tuning and bug fixing. Hope can finish everything soon and ready to release Version 1.0. In the same time, I will keep add new template design.

Known issue:
This app will crash/restart on any device that have RAM less than 512mb. It's Adobe Air issue that Adobe need to fix it.

Road Map:
- More template design
- Add option to get location from GPS/WIFI/NETWORK or manually pick from map. So user able to take a photo first during travelling/road-trip. Then use FOTOJELAH when there is internet connection (to get location name).
- Add option for user manually type venue name.
- Add option to save image.
- Change date. Ahhhhh so you can share old photo ya??
- New Skin/User Interface/Icon/layout.
- Option to change icon
- photo filter
- Thinking of removing watermark logo..

keyword: photo, location, adobe air, flash, actionscript, starling, feathersui

Quick Stats

5 years

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