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" Welcome to the Haunted House 4 where ghosts and evil spirits reside! This haunted place has been abandoned for decades because most people are too scared to explore this horror house. But you are braver than all of them, aren't you? We believe you will solve the mystery of why this place is so creepy. So let’s start exploring this beautiful but haunted house now.

Many people have fled this house because of the haunting creatures. There are many stories about poltergeist and other ghostly creature residing in this haunted place. Some people also mentioned that there are many haunted objects in this horror house, like haunted mirrors and artifacts. Perhaps a collector had put these haunted objects here a long time ago. Do you dare to touch them and see if there are really evil spirits haunting these artifacts?
While you are in this horror house, don’t be afraid of the creepy poltergeist and the ghost. They are trying to scare you. However, you have important mission to free this haunted place from the evil spirits and ghostly presence. Don’t give up and keep on exploring on each new level to uncover all the secrets of this ghostly house! "

Do you think you have eagle eyes? Can you spot the difference between two similar pictures in a glance?
The objective of this picture game is pretty simple: to find the differences between similar pictures within a limited amount of time. Can you beat our puzzle challenges in “Mirror” mode or in “Black and white” mode?


Sit back and enjoy our relaxing puzzle with artistic images and Dolby quality background music.
Easy rules: Simply find the difference between two pictures and tap on the area to spot it.
Hundreds of hours of spot the different fun with over 100 levels with 5 rounds each.
Find the differences as fast as possible to get more coins.
Use coins to unlock the next level.
Different modes for more exciting challenges: “Black and White” or “Mirror Mode”
Zoom in to see the puzzle piece more closely when your eagle eyes fail you.
Hints are available for when you are stuck and cannot tell what’s the difference between the two pictures.
Get awesome prizes by playing our Dunkin’ Pumpkin mini puzzle online!


Our Hidden Difference game is the perfect relaxing puzzle for all ages with highly artistic images you can enjoy. Our game is also accompanied by great music and sound effects to create the ultimate gaming experience for you. If you are looking for casual games for your break time, or to unwind from stress, you have come to the right place. Now you only need to install our game on your device, sit back, relax, and tap on the differences to win the game!

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