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Find The Hidden Objects: Happy Place

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Adventure through over 200 stunning hidden object levels inspired by beautiful nature scenery. Find the objects and items hidden throughout hundreds of custom designed maps. From rolling hills to calm lakes, this is an incredibly relaxing hidden objects game for kids and adults alike!

With 8 extra themes rolled into one giant game, you’ll be able to spot and find the objects in even more happy places! You can download them all from the same game – you’ll never need another hidden objects game again! Each theme comes with its own amazing artwork and relaxing music for you to enjoy.

Spot & find hidden objects and items either by their silhouette, name or picture. If a level is too challenging and you are struggling to find the object, don’t worry! Just click on the hints button and our happy places hint fairies will help you!


▸ Free Play
Experience the amazing artwork and find the items hidden in the happy places at your own pace. In Free Play mode, you can enjoy the game at a relaxing pace with no time limit. If you’re looking for a more challenging experience, you can text your object finding skills in timed mode. Can you find the objects before time runs out?!

▸ Campaign Mode
For the full hidden objects adventure, immerse yourself in the campaign mode. Journey through hundreds of happy places, enjoy the vibrant colors and relaxing music as you find the objects hidden throughout each level.

Between each level, you can play match 3 and fun memory mini games for a chance to earn even bigger rewards, or go back and replay your favorite levels to earn more points!

• 8 Hidden object games in 1!
• Hundreds of custom designed hidden object levels full of vibrant, beautiful colors
• Explore stunning locations on your adventure through hidden gardens
• Find the objects using their silhouette, picture or name
• Tap to zoom on an object or artifact and pan across each level
• Earn coins & receive free daily rewards for logging on
• Replay your favourite levels & earn more coins
• Fun match 3 and memory mini games to play
• Images are brought to life with 3D effects as you tilt your device

If you’re looking to destress and unwind with a relaxing puzzle game, look no further. With hundreds of beautifully designed levels, you’ll be able to enjoy an endless supply of fun. Best of all, you can play our hidden objects game anywhere, even without an internet connection!


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