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Shakeswear, the world’s most advanced Shakespearean insult app has finally arrived, putting the power of “The Bard” into your own hands. Shakeswear puts you into the shoes of Shakespeare’s most memorable characters and brings your insult game to places it has never been before, namely 17th Century England. Simply shake the app (or touch), and Shakespeare, voiced by real actors, will snarl a random insulting line from one of his plays. Also, to make you feel like you are back in 11th Grade English class, you are given information regarding play name, scene, act and line. For those whom randomness will simply not suffice, just enter the list view where you can carefully search for and select the insult you want. Shakespeare is great for actors, English majors, harassing English people or just great laughs in general. Download your copy today and start shaking!

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