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Starmine is a simple casual game for EVERYONE. The main goal of this game is to control your spaceship moving around the screen and collect specific number of crystals to finish a stage.
The game looks very easy at first, but when player plays higher stages, they will need to drive the spaceship cleverly to avoid the Meteorites moving across screen and the Robotic worm chasing with increasing speed.
There are random mines and stars as well as lost-astronaut will appear while player is driving around and player can get more bonus from those.
Hey is this game a simply driving game?
Not really, tap on the screen and the spaceship will shoot, with that player will feel much more confident facing the Robotic worms and moving-meteorites. Of course the score will be subtracted if player "kills" the astronauts, so be careful when you shoot.
Scoring as much as you can, also don't forget to check how many achievements unlocked while you reach a special goal. Some achievements like "Lucky Comet" are randomly got when you catch a lucky comet (rarely) moving across the screen.
And more mines are waiting for you to collect. Are you ready to start the journey?

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