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Bingo! Everyone's favourite multiplayer board game is now available online for your smartphone!
We used to gather the whole family at the table, lay out our cards and get wooden barrels out of the bag.
Then, we used to buy lottery tickets and hold our breath in front of the TV in order to taste the excitement and try our luck.

"Lotto Online" is a lotto game from our childhood that is more than 100 years old! A timeless classic that is now online!
However, the passion, excitement and pleasure are comparable with the game’s analogue in life.
Now you can download the "Lotto Online" game for FREE and win every day, 24/7!

"Lotto Online" is the same as the old lotto board game, but this time – no barrels under the sofa. It’s really easy to play:
1. You choose the table of your opponents or set up your own so the other players can join you. Let your friends and classmates go online and play together, just like in your childhood!
2. You have three cards (tickets) with numbers. During the game, barrels with numbers will appear at the top of the screen. Your task is to closely monitor the drop-down barrels and mark them on your cards. Your goal is to be the first to fill in all the numbers with the right numbered barrels, or one or more horizontal rows on your card.
3. There can be up to the three winners in each round: the first player to fill in the horizontal row of any ticket gets 15% of the pot; the first player to fill in 2 rows on one card gets a quarter of the pot; and the first player to fill in all rows of any ticket gets the first place and half the pot.
Believe in yourself, feel the excitement and the good luck will not let you down!

· classic multiplayer game with 90 barrels;
· short game with 36 barrels;
· advanced mode with mixed numbers for the most attentive ones;
· simultaneous play for up to 6 people;
· personal tables;
· integration with Facebook, VKontakte and Odnoklassniki;
· achievements and pleasant game bonuses;
· chat with other players while playing the game.

In order to get an old classic new life, we have introduced special features and made the gameplay even more interesting:
• The backlight illuminates the numbers of the drop-down barrels on the card. It will be active until the end of the round.
• The autopilot automatically covers the drop-down barrels on the card until one of the players wins the next medal.
• The "second chance" covers the missing numbers marked with a cross on the card.

• In the short game tables are marked with a rocket 🚀. In this mode, the round lasts less since there are 36 barrels in the bag.
• In the advanced game tables are marked with a smile 😋. In this mode, the numbers of vertical rows are not placed in dozens.
• The barrel under the avatar in the game shows the number required to get the next medal.
• In order to change your name and photo, click the gear icon in the lower left corner and sign in with your account from a social network.
Lotto is a timeless classic, a family game in a new incarnation. Play with your family, friends and with the whole world!

Note: You can download the game and play for free. However, the online game contains IAP (in-app purchases). They are not obligatory. This feature can be disabled in the settings of your mobile device.
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