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Have you ever felt like you are Alice in Wonderland who went down the rabbit hold and end up at magical places? Strange Places is your chance to visit some of the most outlandish and bizarre magical places. If you like to visit weird places, this is a perfect game for you. Rules of physics don’t apply here. Everything is out of the ordinary. Strangely, you can’t get enough of this bizarre experience!

These mysterious places have bizarre structures and design. You will also encounter some magical creatures that can only exist in magical places. Your surrounding doesn’t look like anything you’ve ever seen before. You start to feel like you are really an Alice in Wonderland exploring weird places in a weird kingdom. The mushrooms are as big as houses! It is truly out of the ordinary, but strangely beautiful at the same time!

We dare you to explore this bizarre land further. Don’t be afraid to take another step and enter the rabbit hole. Magical experience awaits you. The more outlandish, the better!

Play one of the most amazing puzzle games on your mobile device now! Hidden scenes games are the games where you have to complete the picture by swapping, flipping, or rotating each piece of the puzzle to reveal a beautiful artwork. You can set the level of difficulty from the easiest to the most INSANELY challenging levels. Our hidden scenes apps are the most addictive casual games which will give you hours and hours of gameplay.

There are many ways to enjoy this flip game. First, you can choose to play Standard game where you have to go through each 80 level one by one. Or our Quick Puzzle where you can play random scenes. There is also Challenge Mode where you have limited time or move to complete each scene.

--------* HIDDEN SCENES TOP FEATURES *--------
Addictive puzzle games with plenty of beautiful artwork and wonderful background music.

Hundreds of hours of gameplay in 3 different modes: 80 levels in standard campaign more, quick puzzle play, and limited time/movement mode.

Choose your level of difficulty: Small, Medium, Large, and Insane!

Choose your gameplay options: Swap, Flip, Rotate, or Radial.

Combine these elements to create endless hours of playing in the most comprehensive casual games ever!

Never get bored when there are so many challenges await you in this flip game. There are plenty of beautiful scenes to play and endless variations of how to play this complete the picture game. Download now and start playing!

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